About Us


Our specialization is architectural design and 3D visualization, flythrough animations and virtual reality. Our goal is to present the most professional product in accordance with all of the various requests of our employers. To achieve such goal, all of us are dedicated to follow global trends in 3D visualization and design to constantly improve the quality of our work.


Architectural corporations, as the main section of our clients, benefit from photorealistic images for presentation of their ideas to their employer and participate in architecture contests. THE YELLOW DESIGN STUDIO, by using a knowledgable team on 3D simulation edge technology, develop high quality and photorealistic renders and animation to aid the designer to come to an agreement with the employer.

For better selling and pre-selling of residential and commercial units, the constructors need to display an attractive presentation of the final result of their work. THE YELLOW DESIGN STUDIO by providing visualization and animation services, produce photorealistic renders in accordance with the final result.

The home and office furniture businesses need to photograph their products in appropriate locations for their catalogs. THE YELLOW DESIGN STUDIO designs the ideal environment for different products and renders the required images in a photorealistic quality; consequently, reduce the cost of photography, transportation and location rent.

Yet another section of our clients are large commercial complexes, luxury residential complexes or tourist resorts. They require flythrough animations to display their environment in the utmost ideal manner to attract people and sell their units. Moreover, by facilitating animations they can provide a sense of visiting the actual place with less expenses and time.


1. Consulting session for presenting the best suggestions for the project

2. Signing a contract

3. Gathering the project documentations

4. Presentation of the draft plan (Architectural plans, Location design for products and/or environment modeling for animation projects)

5. Correction and discussion sessions with the Employer

6. Material and lighting finalization

7. Final document presentation